“I Restore Masterpieces”

In my travels, I meet a lot of new people especially the passengers sitting next to me on planes. I enjoy this a great deal. On one such flight, a petite, perky and very professional well-dressed young woman was sitting next to me. I could tell by her quick smile and body language that she was a “talker”. I was sure that we would be conversing as soon as the flight attendant’s announcements were over.

Sure enough, she turned to me and began the typical pleasantries which always seem to eventually include, “And what kind of work do you do?”

This time I was feeling a bit mischievous and rather bored with my typical response so in a matter of fact way I replied, “I restore masterpieces.”

She responded with wide eyed amazement, “You do?!”

I replied, “Yes, and I love every day of it.”

“What kind of masterpieces do you restore?”

I enthusiastically shared, “Well, each one is completely unique, there has never been one like it in all the world and there never will be again. To see something so unique and beautiful begin to emerge through the restoration process, it is hard to describe. It is such a joyful and fulfilling experience!”

Even more amazed she observed, “That has to require an incredible amount of knowledge and training!”

Assuring her, I agreed, “Yes, you are absolutely correct, I have spent the better part of my adult life learning my trade and I still study every day to perfect my knowledge, skills and talents as a restorer of masterpieces.”

After quietly pondering the scope of my work, she leaned in closer and, in almost a whisper asked, “Can you share with me one example of a masterpiece that you have restored?”

“Certainly.” I paused, smiled and sincerely responded with, “You would be an example of a masterpiece I might help restore.”

She leaned back and looked at me trying to make sense of what I just said. Perplexed, she utters, “I don’t understand what you mean.”

I calmly responded, “I can understand that. You see, I believe that you were intentionally created for a unique purpose and calling. You were uniquely designed with amazing gifts, talents and intelligences to offer your exceptional gift to the world, a gift the world longs to receive. You truly are a masterpiece, distinctive in all of creation. But you probably don’t actually know that yet.”

She slowly turned away, considering my explanation.

As she sat thinking, I added, “The reason most people don’t see themselves this way is that life and the people we have known, some with the best of intentions, began to set expectations of us that had nothing to do with who we were created to be. In our attempts to meet all these unfounded expectations, we were changed, many of us into something which would never be considered a masterpiece. The good news is the masterpiece is still there in all of its glory, the authentic you, we just have to rediscover it and draw it out. Then you can share your unique gift with the world.”

She was now staring at me, quite seriously, I assume trying to figure out if I am a total nut case or if there is something insightful or meaningful in what I have shared with her. I just smiled and turned to read my book, leaving her alone with her thoughts.

After a few minutes, I hear her ask, “How and where would I begin to rediscover the authentic me …..and my gift?”

We talked about the beginning of her journey of self-discovery the rest of the flight.

Today I truly see myself as a restorer of unique masterpieces. I so deeply appreciate the beauty, the priceless value, the power and majesty in each of God’s masterpieces. The sad reality is that the far majority of people on planet earth will go to their graves without an inkling of the awesome gift that they held within themselves. And the world is all the poorer for the loss of each gift.

It is with the deepest gratitude that I have the privilege of helping to restore unique masterpieces; it is the great joy of my life. It is my purpose and my calling.

Do you know that you, too are a masterpiece?  You were uniquely created with amazing gifts, talents and intelligences to offer to this world.  If not, a member of our team would love to help you discover your gift. 

If you enjoy reading check out my book, The Language of Blessing to learn more about your unique gift.

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