Career Coaching

Are you positioned to do what you do best every day?  Do you need assistance to see additional growth in your current career?  Do you have a job or even a career, but desire to know your calling?

Using the four stages detailed below, we will meet you where you are today to help you grow in your current role or transition to a new role that better fits your unique calling.

  1. Discovery Stage: In the discovery stage, we begin our exploration using powerful questions and industry proven assessments.  These assessments help you discover your authentic talents, character, and motivations. While in this stage, you will experience clarity and increased energy.
  2. Dream Stage: In the dream stage, we come together to make sense of the information revealed in your discovery stage. While in the dream stage, we use your proudest accomplishments, core talents, deepest values and motivations to look forward and dream for your future.
  3. Design Stage: Once your dream becomes clear and compelling, we move to the Design Stage. The Design Stage incorporates the learnings from both the Discovery and Dream Stages to create a plan for your future reality.
  4. Destiny Stage: You step into the Destiny Stage once you put into practice the actions identified and designed in the previous stages. The Destiny Stage is a time for acknowledgment and celebration of the steps you are taking toward realizing your dreams.

We will tailor the coaching process to meet your unique needs, specifically focusing on your vocation. As part of the LifePlan process, extensive time is spent on your vocational goals as well as creating work/life balance.

What Our Clients Are Saying:

“Last year our team met with Equip2Equip for team-based StrengthsFinder coaching. Through the coaching we each grew in greater understanding of our individual strengths as well as each other’s strengths. We also learned how our strengths can complement each other and enhance the quality of work that we produce.”

Sandy H.

International Non-profit Team Leader

“Equip2Equip professional coaching helped me to recognize my strengths and how best to use them to more effectively approach my job responsibilities – a process that re-energized and refocused my professional engagement and certainly allowed for a greater level of personal fulfillment from my daily work.”

Kris C.

Community Engagement Leader