StratOp Planning

Does your organization need a more focused, shared vision? Do you need a better strategic plan to achieve your organization’s goals?

StratOp, developed by the Paterson Center, is a three-day team discovery process that is time tested, customized to fit your organization’s needs, and has been validated by a diverse group of organizations.

During the StratOp process, you will:

  1. Gain perspective on all of the strategic, financial and operational parts of your business.
  2. Know where you stand currently.
  3. Clarify where you should go.
  4. Create a customized plan on how to get there.

The proven StratOp process will help you grow a profitable business. With StratOp, your entire team will be focused on the same mission and vision, and will have a clear plan to execute.


What Our Clients Are Saying:

“The Paterson Process has revolutionized the way we approach business and the way we allocate our resources. It’s given us a new level of involvement and buy-in from employees across the board – from the shop floor to executive level. It’s given us new clarity on our mission, or competency, and how we’re going to meet the challenge of the marketplace.”

Mark D.