Life Coaching

Are you searching for more meaning in your life, or going through a transition? Are you wanting change, but need clarity on what that change should be?

Whether you need support through a life transition or simply need someone to help you process an issue in your life, Equip 2 Equip has professionals ready to walk alongside you to facilitate movement forward. Using our unique four stage process and the LifePlan experience, you will begin to live the authentic life you were meant to live.

  1. Discovery Stage: In the discovery stage, we begin our exploration using powerful questions and industry proven assessments.  These assessments help you discover your authentic talents, character, and motivations. While in this stage, you will experience clarity and increased energy.
  2. Dream Stage: In the dream stage, we come together to make sense of the information revealed in your discovery stage. While in the dream stage, we use your proudest accomplishments, core talents, deepest values and motivations to look forward and dream for your future.
  3. Design Stage: Once your dream becomes clear and compelling, we move to the Design Stage. The Design Stage incorporates the learnings from both the Discovery and Dream Stages to create a plan for your future reality.
  4. Destiny Stage: You step into the Destiny Stage once you put into practice the actions identified and designed in the previous stages. The Destiny Stage is a time for acknowledgement and celebration of the steps you are taking toward realizing your dreams.

What Our Clients Are Saying:

“I wanted to share with how the work we have done has brought a whole new awareness to me.   This new understanding of how I communicate has impacted me both professionally and personally.  I find myself very aware of how I communicate with others – I know when I’m using my primary strengths and when I’m using my auxiliary strengths, I know when I’m using too many strengths at one time – showing up with a sledge hammer when I only need a fly swatter –  and I’ve found a few blind spots in my non-pattern strengths that I now know how to compensate for with other strengths.  My communication with coworkers, and family and friends, has become more productive, and I actually find it fun that I have this kind of command over my interactions with others.”

Nancy C.

Community Engagement Leader

“I feel more sure of my direction and clearer of my vision than before.”

Silas W.


“As the leader of a small organization, I find myself operating in a wide variety of capacities any given week.  After a recent meeting with my advisory board, they suggested I meet with a coach to begin the process of honing in on my strengths instead of spinning my wheels in an attempt to improve on my weaknesses. The truth is, the day-to-day grind in my job had really began to wear on me, and I was in need of some outside help.  Their recommendation was initially met with a measure of internal resistance as I have always been skeptical of services like life coaching, personality tests, and the like. But, early on in the process with Jon, my inhibitions dissipated as the content was immediately applicable and illuminating. Throughout our discourse on the various assessments, I came to a deeper understanding of not only my strengths, but the driving motivations and desires that make me tick.  This understanding helped me articulate things about myself that I had known intuitively, but couldn’t put into words and build on.  And, because of our two days together in the LifePlan process, I’m walking away with a deeper understanding of myself, in addition to probably the clearest view I’ve ever had of the future of my family and organization.  I’m deeply appreciative of the professional input from Jon and the folks at Equip 2 Equip.”

Mick M.