Executive Coaching

C-Suite professionals have a unique set of needs when it comes to coaching. Not only does their performance and engagement influence the entire organization, but the additional stress and time demands can have a profound impact on their work/life balance. At Equip 2 Equip, our coaching professionals are uniquely equipped to come alongside your Executive Management Team in whatever capacity their coaching needs dictate.

Using our four stage process and the LifePlan experience, our coaching method offers a completely customizable experience to meet the needs of your executive, whether that need is continued career advancement, leadership development, or work/life balance.

Equip 2 Equip four stage process:

  1. Discovery Stage: In the discovery stage, we begin an exploration process using powerful questions and industry proven assessments.  These assessments help your executive discover his or her authentic talents, character, and motivations. While in this stage, he or she will experience clarity and increased energy.
  2. Dream Stage: In the dream stage, we come together to make sense of the information revealed in the discovery stage. While in the dream stage, we use your executive’s proudest accomplishments, core talents, deepest values and motivations to look forward and dream for the future.
  3. Design Stage: Once your dream becomes clear and compelling, we move to the Design Stage. The Design Stage incorporates the learnings from both the Discovery and Dream Stages to create a plan for his or her desired future reality.
  4. Destiny Stage: We step into the Destiny Stage once implementation of the concrete actions and practices identified and designed in the previous stages begins. The Destiny Stage is a time for acknowledgment and celebration of the steps being taken toward realizing your executive’s dreams.