At Equip 2 Equip, we aim to equip organizations to align, integrate and engage teams to deliver its unique contribution to the marketplace by offering a wide variety of coaching, training and strategic planning opportunities.

Executive Coaching

C-Suite professionals have a unique set of needs when it comes to coaching. Not only does their performance and engagement influence the entire organization, but the additional stress and time demands can have a profound impact on their work/life balance. At Equip 2 Equip, our coaching professionals are uniquely equipped to come alongside your Executive Management Team in whatever capacity your coaching needs dictate.

Career Coaching

Are your employees positioned to do what they do best every day? Do your employees need assistance to see additional growth in their current career?

At Equip 2 Equip, we will meet your employees where you are today to help them grow in their current role or transition to a new role that better fits their unique calling.

Team Coaching and Team Optimization

Do you hope for a more affirmative, team-oriented culture? Are you desiring a higher level of engagement on all levels of your organization?

Whether you are looking to boost employee engagement or inspire your team to strive to greater heights, at Equip 2 Equip we stand ready to work with your team or ministry. Using our unique coaching process, we will equip your team with the tools and awareness they need to increase performance and engagement.

Team Coach Training

Along with one-on-one and team coaching, Equip 2 Equip also provides team coach training that will equip you to impact teams in your organization or ministry. Using our unique approach to the coaching process, you will be prepared to engage these groups to create high performance teams.

If you are interested in becoming a trained team coach, please contact us about our upcoming training opportunities.

StratOp Planning

Does your organization need a more focused, shared vision? Do you need a better strategic plan to achieve your organization’s goals?

StratOp is a three-day team discovery process that is time tested, customized to fit your organization’s needs, and has been validated by a diverse group of organizations.

Organization Presentations

Equip 2 Equip offers a wide range of presentations that will be sure to provide learning and growth opportunities for your organization. These presentations can be tailored to the needs of your organization to maximize impact. Whether the need is for a group of five or 5000, Equip 2 Equip has a message that will positively influence your organization’s engagement.

If you are interested in having an Equip 2 Equip Coach present to your organization, please contact us for additional information.