The LifePlan experience is a one-on-one, two-day, intensive process designed by Tom Paterson. The Paterson LifePlan is a proven, spiritually and behaviorally sound process intended to help you discover your unique design, clarify your life mission, and apply these discoveries to your personal, family, vocational, spiritual, and community life domains.

During this two-day process, we will:

  1. Gain perspective on your life.
  2. Create your LifePlan.
  3. Put your LifePlan into action.
  4. Prepare ways to periodically renew your LifePlan.

The Paterson LifePlan process is for those who want to live an exceptional life – the authentic life you were meant to live. Let’s get started!

What Our Clients Are Saying:

“Matthew A.Equip2Equip was brilliant in walking me through the whole process and helping me discover that I was exactly in the place I needed to be. Seeing my life plotted out was so helpful and brought clarity and confidence in who God has made me to be.”

Matthew A.

Senior Pastor

“I found this entire process to be extremely beneficial to help me fulfill my purpose in life as well as use my skills and talents in the best possible way. I am grateful I went through my LifePlan.”

Dave J.

Marketing Project Manager

“All in all, I would say that the LifePlan is an invaluable tool that can alter one’s course and help them live out their true purpose resulting in an abundant life.”

Paul D.

Property Manager

“Once more, I wanted to thank you for facilitating the LifePlan, which was nothing short of a life-changing weekend.  Not only was there an immense amount of self-discovery and affirmation, it was incredibly eye-opening for my wife.  She said over and over, “I feel like I’m seeing you in a new light,” and there we deep moments of reconciliation between us.  We talked the entire way home about what we had experienced and how we felt about everything.  The Life Plan was a gift of depth and immensity that permeated my being and healed our relationship in ways that I couldn’t have anticipated, but was certainly needed.”

Daniel G.