ReplenishBy Emily Brummund April 4, 2016

The Personal Domain is all about you. Now wait, I am not arguing that we need to be selfish. In my opinion, there is not much fulfillment in selfishness. In fact, I would propose that fulfillment actually comes in the opposite – selflessness.  However, there is a difference between being selfless and not taking care of your Personal Domain.

As Alli mentioned in her introduction to this blog series, there are five life domains: Personal, Family, Vocation, Spiritual, and Community.  Each domain is important, and letting any one of them get out of balance can cause issues throughout your entire life.

How does one normally let their Personal Domain get out of balance?  I believe the most prevalent way to stress your Personal Domain is to ignore it.  Life is busy. We are busy people. Others depend on us. We have careers, families, church involvement and community activities in which we are involved.  We tend to run from one thing to the next, like a hamster on a hamster wheel.  When life gets too busy, what is the first thing that tends to be cut?  Attention to our personal well-being.

When I was trained in facilitating the LifePlan process, one of the most helpful constructs I learned was the Replenishment Cycle.  What is a Replenishment Cycle?  It is the list of ways related to your Personal Domain that allows you to reenergize.  For me, this includes regular devotion time, working out, healthy eating, and simply getting enough sleep.   And, being a high positivity, my Replenishment Cycle also includes FUN.  If I go an extended period of time without an intentional fun activity, I feel weighed down and stressed.  I know it. My husband Brian knows it. I get crabby. For this reason, I have intentionally listed “having fun” as a part of my Replenishment Cycle.

For some, their Replenishment Cycle could include a hobby or time sitting by the ocean listening to the waves and meditating. For others, it could include reading or a date night with their spouse.  Still others could need time to paint, travel, or go on a long walk.  There are no rules – except one…it must reenergize you.

It is a really interesting phenomena.  When I connect with my coach, if I am stressed, his first question usually goes right to my Replenishment Cycle. Am I intentionally doing those items on my list?  What he is really asking is “Are you taking care of yourself?”  I can honestly say that usually I can pinpoint my frustration to the absence of self-care.  The flip side of this conversation is that when I AM using my Replenishment Cycle, I am a better wife, a better friend, and a better coach. Life seems in order. I am energized and ready to take on the world. I can face that next obstacle or that next challenge with a better mindset.  I feel peace. I can support my family and friends. I can serve more selflessly. I can more effectively live out my Purpose.

Have you identified those things that energize you? At Equip 2 Equip, we would love to come alongside you to help you identify your Replenishment Cycle as we facilitate your LifePlan process. It is a key aspect of keeping your Personal Domain in balance and it is a non-negotiable aspect of helping you do what you do best.