FIVE DOMAIN PIE By Alli Van Roekel  March 28, 2016

People come to Equip 2 Equip for many different reasons.  Often, the impetus for contacting us has to do with a career transition need.  However, we help people in all areas of life, not just with their vocational needs. In fact, when a person enters into the Paterson Life Plan experience, we guide them to address five particular domains of their life.  These domains include Personal, Family, Vocation, Community and Spirituality. These domains are like pieces of the same pie.  One domain will affect the others.  Imagine: if you are unhappy in your vocational life, will that dissatisfaction affect your personal life?  If your family is having troubles, will these issues affect your community life?  If you are spiritually feeling lost, will this feeling affect your work performance?  Inevitably, the answer is yes to all of these scenarios, whether you are fully aware of it or not. Over the next several blogs, we will dive into each of these domains to give you a Coach’s view of why each one is important to address.  Stay Tuned!