By Alli Van Roekel Senior Coach & Facilitator

After many years of work in youth ministry, I found myself in a fog.  I was disoriented, unfocused and personally confused.  Have you ever tried finding your way in the fog?  It is an exhausting experience as you try to open your eyes harder and feel your way around, but having no clear vision of where you are going.  Some of my fog was caused by not knowing what I was really good at and trying to be good at everything.  Some of my fog was caused by having too many people expecting different results from me.  Some of my fog was caused by trying to do everything on my own, without guidance from God.  The result?  Burnout and exhaustion.  Lack of fulfillment and joy.  And, I brought it all home to my husband who didn’t know how to help.


I have never really had an intensive one on one discipleship experience.  I have been a Christian all of my life and have had wonderful, deeply meaningful experiences in all of my church communities.  However, I can’t ever recall a time where someone proactively walked alongside me, to consistently provide me with the clarity I was seeking.  I found this clarity through strengths coaching and a LifePlan.  Suddenly, the fog began to lift, and I was able to discern between my different ideas and thoughts about myself. I was finally able to focus on the ones that were true.  I began to live authentically, without fear, for the first time in my adult life.  This new clarity does not mean the future isn’t scary—but this kind of scary is more of a holy fear, preparing for what God is going to provide for me!  This purpose is clearly bigger than I had ever dreamed on my own and I can’t wait!